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As a young teen, life was a bit rough at times. Music was always an escape and I was lucky enough to have fallen onto a path that wasn't mainstream by any means. Cocteau Twins have always been my favorite band and I was lucky enough to see them live at The Ogden in Denver, 1994. Cocteau Twins are greatly missed but in our own ways we can keep them alive.

This community is here for the fans of Cocteau Twins to gather and talk and get to know one another. The fans are a family and discussion other than music or band alone is encouraged. Anyone is welcome to join so long as they respect everyone else. Below is a list of various links to get the curious or wandering a start on checking out a little of why cocteautwins was started.

I've grown to be an addict of Live Journal and have also come to
maintain a few communities which include:

1)obituary - Discussion of death and the passing of others.
Founded and previously maintained by kalemachka and wiseblood.

2) egyptology - A forum to relate thoughts and ideas involving the topic.

3) movietalk - A forum to discuss movies and anything related to them.

4) cocteautwins - A place for fans to meet and get to know one another and
discuss life in general along with the music and band itself.

5) gracelandtoo - A real-life shrine to Elvis, located in Holly Springs, TN. It's even better than Graceland.

6) spooky_places - Tell a tale.

7) hp_notions - Express your thoughts and opinions on past and future Harry Potter ideas. What are your theories on storylines?

These communities are open-forum.
Everyone is welcome to join and participate.


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