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Tuesday, May 31st, 2011
2:27 pm - [EVENT](Chicago) Sun, 5 June: Robin Guthrie/Brendan Perry!!!


Brendan Perry (Dead Can Dance)
Robin Guthrie (Cocteau Twins)

DJ Scary Lady Sarah spins music before & in between

at Metro, 3730 N. Clark St, Chicago
Doors at 7pm; show at 8pm / 18+ / $21.00
Tickets on sale now:

Thanks! :)

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2:25 pm - [EVENT](Chicago) SHIMMER- Monthly Shoegaze Night- Thurs, 2 June, 2011

(Hope this is ok to post here. We play A LOT of Cocteau Twins and related music each month at this night! They *are* the best band ever, after all!) :)

This Thursday (2 June)in Chicago, our monthly SHIMMER party! Sonic incandescence, heavenly voices, radiant visuals, effervescent cocktails & a glittery, atmospheric venue with DJs Scary Lady Sarah & Peroxide. :)

More info here: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Shimmer/131295323591467
and here: https://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=131083636969250
Thank you!

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Sunday, March 21st, 2010
4:49 pm - sad news....... RIP Leesa Beales.

Leesa will be missed.

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Wednesday, March 11th, 2009
4:50 pm

brarana_sinbri has been removed from the community for posting spam. Once might have been in error, a second time, clearly not. Is anyone having trouble with anyone else that I haven't caught up to yet? I'm also looking to take on a couple mods if anyone is interested in the job. Comment if you think you'd be great for the job and we'll go from there :)

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Sunday, August 10th, 2008
6:28 pm - October 4th, London


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Saturday, July 19th, 2008
11:18 am - Tonight!


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Friday, March 30th, 2007
11:52 am - the spangle maker: the romantic dysthymia

greetings one and all,

my name is derek power or djproject

i have a band called the spangle maker. (and yes, the connection is very intentional, which i'll explain in a bit). it consists of myself (multi-instrumentalist), natalie garland (vocalist) and andrew thompson (multi-instrumentalist). we just completed our first recording, an ep entitled the romantic dysthymia. personally, i've listened to a lot of music prior to devoting full attention to cocteau twins (back in march 2006 when i purchased a copy of lullabies to violaine). before that time, everything felt like it was free-floating without any particular connection. but hearing cocteau twins served as a catalyst in my musical mind and gave more shape and structure to an already full well of ideas. now the desire i had to make music really intensified and could be realised. hence alluding to them in the band's name. it's my way of saying thank you for really putting me into the musical realm. of course the interesting thing is that i don't hear as much cocteau twins in this ep. although if you guys do, i would love to know. (i'm always interested in people's reactions to my work).

for the moment, it's available as a somewhat low-quality mp3 on archive.org. i anticipate a physical release but i'm not sure when that would be. you can listen and download it and yes even share it (albeit maintain and respect license conditions). the address is http://www.archive.org/details/TSM_001/

we also have a blog and you can read feed here: thespanglemaker

let me know what you all think.

current mood: busy

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Sunday, February 4th, 2007
2:25 pm

Hi everyone!
I wanted to thank everyone for all their contributions to this community.
I also wanted to see if anyone would be interested in helping to moderate things.
I don't get a lot of time online right now and I thought it'd be a good idea to maybe take "applications" for anyone interested.
If you feel you'd be good at the job, email me at keki13@gmail.com with information about yourself and why you think you'd be a positive influence as a moderator.  Include any communities you currently maintain/moderate, how often you're on LJ, and any other details you think would be good.  I'll give it a week or so and see if anyone is interested and we'll go from there. 
I'm not looking to give up this community, but everyone can use a helping hand from time to time.
Thanks! :)

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Sunday, October 29th, 2006
3:16 pm

Anyone know where I can get some videos from the Cocteau's early days (Garlands/Lullabies-era)? That's the only stuff of theirs I dig, and the videos I've seen of them supporting Killing Joke were amazing. Cheers!

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Wednesday, August 30th, 2006
10:39 am - Pur
panorphelia These lyrics caught my soul today, for a myriad of reasons

I'm glad you are a girl
I'm pleased to know you
I like you for you
I'm happy you're growing up

Forgetful or pretending
Tired, ill or angry or alone
More assured of what to do
But I do, care for you

Reach out and you won't lose me
Destroy the objective but still survive
You are angry and that's okay

I am not afraid of your anger
What do you need?
What do you want?
I love you and I know that you can figure it out

-- Cocteau Twins / Pur

current mood: calm

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Saturday, June 10th, 2006
6:02 am - CocteauFest 2006

This year CocteauFest will be held in the UK. Details are as follows:

Date: Saturday, September 2, 2006
Location: Aqua Bar, Lower Mosley Street
City: Manchester, UK
Time: TBA
Cost: TBA

For more information or updates on this event please visit the official CocteauFest website:

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Wednesday, June 7th, 2006
1:12 am - Cocteau Twins CD Contest

Universal records are providing some freebie copies of the upcoming remastered
editions of both Four Calendar Café and Milk & Kisses.

We would like to give each of you the opportunity to win one of these CD's. All you
have to do is enter our "Essence" contest. The contest rules and guidelines are
located here:


cocteautwinsforums.com Team

*You must be logged in to view the above forum url

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Tuesday, June 6th, 2006
3:57 pm - Must part with Box Set
shawn_scarber Sadly, I'm in need of cash for an upcoming writing workshop, so I'm parting with many of my beloved treasures. One of which is my Cocteau Twins CD singles box set. The box set is in near new condition. This is the US edition. You can see all my auction items here.


Thanks. Please give them a good and loving home.

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Wednesday, May 17th, 2006
1:00 pm - a proposal

greetings one and all.

i'm a fairly recent fan of the cocteau twins but i'm definitely sold on them. for the moment, the only thing of theirs i own is the limited edition release of lullabies to violaine (yes, i'm one of the lucky ones). but i'm so grateful for that release because it gave me an extensive crash course on the cocteau twins. because of that, i'm hooked. i will get all the albums (since all of them will have been remastered) soon enough.

i'm finding that the cocteau twins is in line with my own musical sensibilities. plus i'm finding myself composing like them as far as creating textured and ambient sounds. for an example, i had this long psychedelic jam using my keyboard plugged to a guitar pedal and using its drum pattern feature. it's not quite cocteau twins but i can hear the connections.

the point is that i'm interested - finally - in forming a group with a similar vein to the cocteau twins (but obviously not quite). i live in the washington dc metro area and i'm looking for a guitarist and a female vocalist. if you know anyone who fits the criteria (or know anyone who does), let me know here (and if you look at my profile, there are a variety of ways you can reach me).

thank you.

current mood: creative

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Thursday, May 11th, 2006
11:10 am - FCC & MK Remastered !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Four Calender Café and Milk & Kisses have both been remastered by Robin Guthrie and will be released by Universal in June 2006. The albums will each be initially available in a limited edition digipack, with Milk & Kisses initially coming with the red cover.

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Wednesday, May 10th, 2006
8:23 am - Cocteau Twins Design Contest

cocteautwinsforums.com is having a design contest for those of you who are artistically inclined.

it involves creating a graphic banner for their official forum. the winner will be choosen by the other forum members and your artwork will be on display for a period of one month.

if you would like to submit your artwork or get more details, please check out the following thread on the forum:


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Thursday, April 27th, 2006
2:44 am - Robin Guthrie update...

I should probably mention that Robin Guthrie's weblog is available via syndication at r_guthrie_tells, for those interested in following his exploits.

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Wednesday, April 26th, 2006
8:52 am - Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd record new album.


It's nice to see Robin Guthrie (co-founder of the Cocteau Twins) and Harold Budd in the studio again, recording around San Francisco somewhere.

Robin is doing a daily blog post on the recording session. I'm looking forward to whatever beautiful bit of atmospherics they cook up this time.

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Thursday, April 6th, 2006
7:39 pm


Early 4AD Bands: The Birthday Party, In Camera, The The/Matt Johnson, Modern English, Rema-Rema, Bauhaus, Sort Sol, The Past Seven Days, Cupol/B.C. Gilbert & G. Lewis, Cocteau Twins, Colourbox, The Wolfgang Press, Dance Chapter, Xmal Deutschland,

Interview with Liz and Robin from 1986, and a 2006 re-interview with Robin Guthrie

Other Bands:
The Cravats, Rezurex, Deadfly Ensemble, Entertainment, Bohemien, Signal and Report, Zero le Creche, Naked and the Dead, Cinema Strange, Screaming for Emily, All Gone Dead, Black Ice, The Arid Sea, The Dancing Did, Ipómia, Autonervous, Bell Hollow

Order yours now!


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Sunday, February 19th, 2006
11:49 am - what a rare gem ...


I just stumbled upon this deleriously haunting and delicious song.

It is a demo of a duet between Liz Fraser (Cocteau Twins vocalist) and Jeff Buckley recorded somewhere around 1995, prior to Jeff's death.


anyone who knows me understands my deep-rooted connection to Jeff Buckley and the Cocteau Twins. I am so giddy and elated to have this new-found star of a song to listen to.

you can even hear their giggles and bater just before and after the song.




All Flowers In Time

The Lyrics

All flowers in time bend towards the sun.
I know you say that there's no-one for you, but here is one ...

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